In response to publishing our White Paper comparing the three most commonly employed financial models for developing social infrastructure, we have received requests for more information on the New American Approach.  We have drafted An Explanation of the New American Approach in an effort to further clarify what makes the New American Approach unique, why it is better to employ 63-20 bonds, why an independent not-for-profit owner is better for the public agency, and why a developer-led collaborative delivery model is cost effective.

An Explanation of the New American Approach
White Paper: P3 Model Comparison

Upcoming Webinars

We have two upcoming webinars that address both topics:

  • P3 Model Comparison focuses on the content addressed in the white paper and offers an opportunity to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches to building public buildings.
  • New American Approach: Using Tax-Exempt Bonds in a P3 which explains in detail the New American Approach, how it works, and why it saves public agencies money.
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