About Us

Public Facilities Group (PFG) is a leading practitioner of 63-20 Progressive Design-Build (63-20 PDB) and is focused on the successful delivery of public Infrastructure on behalf of our Public Partners.  Our professional staff have completed 28 projects with a total development cost of $1.8 billion.   Each of these projects have been completed on or ahead-of schedule and on or under budget with a lower cost than our public partners had experienced with other alternative delivery models.

We advocate the use of the 63-20 Progressive Design-Build as a means of delivering infrastructure projects on behalf of a public agency.  63-20 PDB is frequently classified as both an alternative delivery model and as a Public-Private Partnership, when in fact it is a combination of both.  It takes advantage of private tax-exempt financing while also benefiting from the delivery efficiencies found in P3 delivery.  Our approach to 63-20 PDB also allows for private operations and maintenance, offers private guarantees of both cost and schedule and builds in safeguards that allow the public to secure ultimate project control whenever they desire to do so.

Our team has significant experience in real estate development, P3 delivery and finance.  We assist the public in structuring a 63-20 PDB delivery and we serve as the obligated party, using 63-20 and 501(c)(3) bonds to finance and own public facilities for the public benefit.

Our clients are diverse. We have worked with public universities developing student housing, dining halls, and research facilities, with cities constructing city halls and parking garages and with counties and state governments delivering administrative buildings, medical office building and justice centers.

We are proud of our track record in helping public agencies find cost-effective and efficient solutions to their own operational needs as well as those of their constituents.

Our Team

John Finke
John Finke(206) 618-8864
John Finke is President of Public Facilities Group. He has more than 35 years’ experience in local government, nonprofit management, private sector development, and financing public private partnerships. John pioneered the 63-20 Progressive Design-Build Approach and has used that model to finance and develop more than 1,600,000 square feet of government and university offices, 750,000 square feet of medical offices, 400,000 square feet of research laboratories, 2,500 spaces of structured parking facilities for public institutions and 1,100 units of student housing. These award-winning projects total more than $2 Billion in direct development costs.

Previous to founding Public Facilities Group, John worked for the National Development Council where his portfolio of 27 Public-Private Partnership projects is diverse. Here is a shortlist of his portfolio while employed at the National Development Council:

• UW School of Medicine South Lake Union Biomedical Research Campus
• Bothell City Hall
• Redmond City Hall
• Harborview’s Ninth and Jefferson Building
• The Gateway at Alhambra
• Riverside County Law Building
• Center for Urban Waters
• 20 Additional P3 Projects

Erin Birkenkopf
Erin Birkenkopf(206) 334-6455
Erin Birkenkopf is a Vice President at Public Facilities Group. Her experience with public-private partnerships began in 2005 on the public partner side as a housing administrator for the University of Washington.

In 2012, Erin joined the National Development Council with a focus on asset management and financing of public-private partnerships. Her portfolio of work while at National Development Council included:

• UW School of Medicine South Lake Union Biomedical Research Campus
• Bothell City Hall
• Center for Urban Waters
• Harborview’s Ninth and Jefferson Building
• Washington State Data Center

Matt Calcavecchia
Matt Calcavecchia(206) 849-6260
Matt is a Vice President at Public Facilities Group. He has over twelve years of experience in Economic and Community Development. His Public-Private Partnership experience encompasses a variety of roles from asset management duties, promotion, marketing, project management and strategic planning.

Matt comes from National Development Council where he served as NDC’s Communications Director. He has experience in a variety of products and services, including low income housing, New Markets Tax Credits, small business lending and Public-Private Partnerships. Matt also served on NDC’s Public-Private partnership team where he was focused on outreach and education. He also helped to create and implement strategies for advocating Public-Private Partnerships at the federal level.

Our Work Experience